who we are

Justalil’ Rodeo Company is owned and operated by Randy and Nancy Ray of Double R Farm in Grady, Alabama. Together the couple ranches and manages their own property in south Montgomery County, running a variety of livestock.

The Rays are down-home kind of folk who are willing to work with organizations to put on the best event possible. But don’t let their Southern charm and laid-back attitudes fool you. Specializing in youth rodeos, Randy and Nancy have 20 years of experience in producing, supplying and operating these events. The Rays are professionals who promote a family-oriented business, by providing high quality livestock and equipment to organizations for successful youth related events.

Randy and Nancy each have been presidents and active board members of county cattlemen’s and women’s associations, and have been very involved on state and national levels in the cattle industry, as well as with the State’s annual Southeastern Livestock Exposition and Rodeo. They have the experience and background along with a vested interest in order to provide rodeo and ranching opportunities to future generations of cattlemen and women.

Most livestock is born and raised on Double R Farm, but other livestock might be brought in. They do their best to secure the safest stock possible. Live animals can be unpredictable. If your association or organization is considering a great fundraising project that will provide professional family entertainment, contact Just a Lil’ Rodeo Company. You couldn’t make a better choice for your event!

why choose us?

We are a full-service stock company with all the equipment necessary to produce a complete children’s rodeo, and representatives can also help with otehr aspects that you may want to add to your event or find people/products to supply other needs such as event registration or queen/princess contests. We will be happy to meet with event organizers to help decide what stock, equipment and extras will be needed for a successful rodeo.


Only rams are used for mutton bustin’.  Due the extreme heat in Alabama the sheep raised on Double R Farm are a hardy, medium-sized, polled (hornless), white hair sheep (St. Croix and Katahdin) not heavy wool sheep; therefore, “riding harnesses” are used to allow children to grip when they ride or, if they choose, there is sufficient hair in the lion like mane around the sheep’s neck on which to hold while lying down on the sheep’s back.  In addition to the sheep, mutton bustin’ rodeo safety vests and helmets are provided for the riders. Justalil’ Rodeo Company personnel will deliver the sheep and assist with the mutton bustin’. Additionally, a portable chute can be provided. Mouth pieces must be supplied by the rider.

Retired Texas longhorn and Corriente roping steers with horns lopped weighing an average 1,200 pounds are used for bull riding.  Safety vests, helmets, and ropes are provided. The steers are based on the average size/age of contestants to provide the safest experience possible. The Rays do their best to provide stock that has been handled appropriately, but respect that these are live animals, which can be unpredictable. Children under the of 8 nor older than 16 years of age are not allowed to participate in bull riding. Mouth pieces and gloves must be supplied by the rider.

A variety of cross-bread goats for junior and senior “Goat Tying” and for the Pee Wee “Goat-Hold-Down” can be provided. Goats are typically 30 to 40 pounds for the Goat Tying and less for the Goat Hold Down. The goats for the age group. Also provided are the tether lines, goat collars, and dome-tie-out-stakes (anchors) for the event.   Piggin’ string for goat tying must be provided by the contestant.


Rodeo personnel will always be on hand during your event to guide or direct you to ensure everything runs smoothly and the event is a great success! This includes post-production for registration, advertising, announcer, bullfighters, and judges if needed.

our team