Mutton Bust'n

What Is Mutton Bust’n?

Is an event for children who attempt to ride a sheep (mutton bust’n) AKA Ram Riders. It is a great addition to an adult rodeo, an outdoor festival, a stand-alone event, or a private party. Combine the Ram Riders with a Western Festival and you will have the perfect event for children that offers a glimpse into the past when the West was still wild!

Children ages 4 to 8 years of age, weighing less than 60 pounds and no taller than 45 inches attempt to ride a sheep (mutton bustin’) for a full six seconds.  No experience necessary! Only rams are used for mutton bustin’. Due the extreme heat in Alabama the sheep raised on Double R Farm are a hardy, medium-sized, polled (hornless), white hair sheep (St. Croix and Katahdin) not heavy wool sheep; therefore, “riding harnesses” are used to allow children to grip when they ride or, if they choose, there is sufficient hair in the lion like mane around the sheep’s neck on which to hold while lying down on the sheep’s back.  

JRC takes pride in providing a family-friendly environment that handles


Depending on the event location set-up/dismantle of the portable pen/arena and mutton chute


Registration of riders


Weighing and measuring each rider


Fitting riders with safety helmets and vests


Assistance in mounting rider on sheep and with riding techniques


Arena assistance until the ride is complete.


As needed promotional materials such as posters, flyers, social media, and website presence

General Information for Rodeo Events

Riders must be between 4-8 years old. (Three-year-old’s may be considered based on height, weight, and ability to ride.)


  • Must weigh no more that 60 (sixty) pounds.
  • Must be less than 45 (forty-five) inches tall.
  • Must have on shoes that cover the entire foot (no sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet).
  • Must wear long pants (no skirts, dresses, or shorts).
  • Must be registered by their legal name.
  • All registrants must have a signed release form by a parent/legal guardian before participating in any event
  • Parent/guardian must remain on the premises while mutton bust’n takes place.
  • Registration information and awards will be determined by the event host.

  • Each child will be measured/weighed and meet height/weight parameters.
  • Safety equipment (helmets and vests) are required and provided by JRC (mouth pieces are not provided).
  • JRC reserves the right to deny a child who does not meet size requirements, cries, or panics (has a meltdown).
  • No ropes, spurs or other similar types of equipment are allowed..

Event Rules:

  • Riders who hang on for a full six (6) seconds receive a judge’s score as in bull riding.
  • The highest score of the round wins.
  • If there are no 6-second rides, the rider who rode the longest wins the round.
  • Multiple performances will be permitted by the event.
  • Will be determined by the event.

Prizes & Awards:

Will be determined by the event host.

Stand-Alone Mutton Bustin’ Events

All requirements and rules will apply to stand-alone events.


  • Portable mutton chute and pen depending on the event location (at an additional charge)
  • Rams and mutton ridding harnesses.
  • Arena personnel to set-up and dismantle arena, assist riders, and manage registration.

Facility Requirements

  • Fifty feet wide by 150 feet long area that is clean and free from debris with either soft sand or dirt ready on arrival.
  • Access to water for sheep.
  • Depending on the event a safe, secure, cool pen with access to water for sheep to stay overnight.

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