what we offer

Services & Ad-Ons

Production & Promotions

  • Step by step instructions on producing children’s rodeo
  • Information on liability issues, target participants and spectators
  • How to conduct a Wester Festival event
  • Information on sponsorship, arena banners, advertising, promotions, etc.

Products & Personnel

  • Qualified JRC personnel boots on the ground during your event.
  • Queen/Princess pageant
  • All-Around cowboy/cowgirl
  • Arena Announcer/workers, Bull fighters, & Arena workers
  • Grand entry performers
  • Social media advertising/media assistance and program design

livestock & equipment

Livestock | Justa Lil Rodeo


  • Retired Texas longhorn and Corriente roping steers with horns lopped weighing an average 1,200 pounds are used for bull riding
  • 250-400-pound calves for chute dogn’, calf roping, and calf scramble
  • Hardy, medium-sized, polled (hornless), white hair sheep (St. Croix and Katahdin) not heavy wool sheep
  • A variety of cross-bread goats for junior and senior “Goat Tying” and for the Pee Wee “Goat-Hold-Down” weighing typically 30 to 40 pounds
Equipment | Justa Lil Rodeo


  • Bull Ropes/Flanking Straps
  • Safety helmets & vests – several sizes
  • Electronic timers for speed events
  • Depending on event computer with scoring program and printer
Western Festival | Justa Lil Rodeo

Western Festival

  • Milking Cow
  • Conk the Crow
  • Lasso the Longhorn
  • Cactus Throw
  • Truck Race
  • Stick Horse Barrel Race
  • Roping Dummies w/lariats
  • Bow and arrow (rubber ball tip)       shooting
  • Wild mustangs
  • Mutton bustn’
  • And much more!